enhanced caregiver

Enhancing Communications between Caregiver and Patient

Under certain conditions it is very difficult and sometimes impossible for either a patient to communicate with a caregiver or a caregiver with a patient.

  • The patient is unable to speak because of intubation
  • The patient is unable to speak because of surgery
  • The patient cannot grasp a word because of stroke or ALS
  • The patient does not speak the caregiver's language

The system solves all of these problems and permits  communication either in the patient room or remotely at the caregiver's station, remote station or mobile phone.

The patient simply touches a large button on the patient device and the message is sent to all of the caregiver devices that are listening for that patient. So even if the caregiver is not in the unit they can still receive a text message on their mobile phone. If the caregiver is in the unit then they can immediately see what the patient wants and what the request priority is. Should an emergency be in progress and the patient has touched a very large emergency button, then flashing symbols show and an audible alarm is sounded