Med-Communicator - About Us

Med-Communicator Inc. was founded in 2009 by three computer industry executives in response to an observed medical crisis. In the summer of 2009 one of the executives family members had a mild stroke and after surgery to correct the cause, remained intubated. As anyone knows who has been on a breathing tube, speaking to family and caregivers is very difficult: impossible if arms are restrained to prevent the damaging extraction of the breathing tube.

Watching the elderly patient struggle to communicate with caregivers and family, it was evident that the computer industry was light years ahead of the current state of the art even in a state of the art US Trauma Center.

They set about building the technologies, both hardware and software, to ensure that no patient was ever left with the inability to communicate again.

In the course of solving that problem they met with and collaborated with the trauma center.  They realized that they could solve several other pressing problems along the way, including:

  • Pediatric communication.
  • Non-English language speaking communication.

----Plus, by providing the nurses information about the nature and priority of the patient's communication, they could also enhance the resource utilization of the overworked nursing staff.

Bringing  Patient-Caregiver Communications in to the 21st Century — Where it Belongs