nurseCommunicator© is a combination of bedside equipment, nurses' station equipment, software and services to facilitate communication with a caregiver. Why is it different than the traditional bedside buzzer or bell?
Today's bedside buzzer is a binary communications device. It does nothing more than signal the patient is in need of "something." it does not tell the caregiver:

  • How urgent is the patient request?
  • What does the caregiver need to fulfill the request?

And if the patient is a stroke victim, is intubated,  is a very young child or does not speak the caregiver's language, the buzzer does little to help the caregiver understand in detail what the patient needs are.

nurseCommunicator© does all of that.

  • It enables hospitals and nursing homes alike to optimize the usage of existing nursing staff.
  • It enables overworked nursing staff to triage incoming requests.
  • it enables overworked nursing staff to reduce the number of round trips to the patient room to understand the patient's request.
  • it gives a voice to those who cannot speak.
  • it gives the caregiver's language to those who don't speak it.

Bringing  Patient-Caregiver Communications in to the 21st Century — Where it Belongs