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North Wales, Pennsylvania, United States of America ( May 3, 2011 --
North Wales, PA May 3rd. 2011

Med-Communicator Inc. and Android bring Patient-Caregiver communications in to the 21st Century

Med-Communicator Inc. is focused on the problems a patient faces when trying to communicate with a caregiver; in particular a patient that cannot speak because they are on a breathing tube, have undergone surgery or have had a stroke and cannot quite grasp a word. Similar difficult issues exist for example when a patient cannot speak the language of the caregiver and the caregiver must spend time organizing a translation. Such translations are time consuming and expensive, to discover that the patient only needs another blanket because they are cold.
Med-Communicator Inc. today announces the availability of its nurseCommunicator© system, on Android based devices, to permit patients who either are not able to speak, or are not able to speak the caregiver's language, to communicate with their caregivers. Two versions of the system are available.

1. A standalone version permitting patients to communicate with caregivers who are either present in the patient's room or connected via email. This system consists of any Android device and a custom application available on both the Google Android market and's Android market. For patients who cannot speak because they are intubated or patients who do not speak the native language of the caregiver, communication can be a scary and difficult proposition. How do you tell the nurse where the pain is or that you are feeling cold? Being in such a position may come to all of us at some stage and all that we have to communicate with today is the 19th century patient call bell which tells the caregiver very little information. Using the standalone version of nurseCommunicator© allows the patient to communicate their needs quickly with the caregiver irrespective of which language they speak. The standalone version is available for download from the Android Market from May 3rd 2011.
Uniquely, the android version of nurseCommunicator permits independent selection of both the patient's language and the caregiver's language. It also permits up to three email addresses to be assigned so that the patient may easily send their messages to the caregiver and others. The standalone system is the perfect device for a caregiver to use with a bedridden patient or a nurse in a nursing home or hospital setting.

2. A complete system that can be used in a hospital or nursing home setting. It permits the patient to remotely communicate with a caregiver station or a caregiver telephone system. Messages are translated and sent so that the caregiver can immediately see all incoming messages and their priority. This permits the caregiver to triage incoming requests and to potentially leave the station with the right items to complete the patient request. This potentially cuts down on a round trip and optimizes the use of nursing resources. Additionally if one patient has to go to the bathroom and one patient needs a toothbrush it permits the caregiver to service these requests in the best order thereby providing improved patient care and service.
The management at Med-Communicator Inc. saw patients were unable to communicate and recognized that the technologies existed already to correct this problem of patient communication. Although not all the parts were in place when they began, the advent of technologies like Apple's iPad and the Android devices provided a perfect way of getting the message from the patient. As Robert Wilkinson, Med-Communicator's President puts it:-

"We saw a need to improve patient communication and an opportunity to impact a lot of people's lives for the good. We saw that this need could and should be met by modern technology and we decided to build it. Always in the back of the mind is that some day we may be glad that the hospital we go to has such a system. In an age of instant messaging, texting and instant global communication, the nurse's call bell is an anachronism. As a society we are equipped to do better"

Med-Communicator Inc. is a Pennsylvania company focused on bringing patient caregiver communications in to the 21st century. The company builds software to permit patients to rapidly and meaningfully communicate with caregivers irrespective of patient condition or language.
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