Bringing Patient Communications in to the 21st century

For too long we have lived with the old fashioned nurse's call bell in a world where high speed computers link us every minute of every day. Today people are used to instantanoeus communications of every idea and thought to as many people as they want in as many places as they want.

So why do we live with a bell/buzzer that carries only two pieces of information. A patient somewhere wants something.

Med-Communicator is bringing the ability of the patient to communicate with a caregiver in to the 21st century. With a patient device able to communicate with as many caregiver devices as you like,  we are now able to communcate more information.

  • What the patient wants
  • The Priority of what the patient wants

This provides a significant advantage to both the patient and the caregiver as follows:-

Advantage to the patient

  1. Reduced time to caregiver response because the caregiver now can arrive with whatever the patient is requesting without very often making a round trip to the patient's room. Remember in the old world the caregiver only knew that the patient wanted something.
  2. The caregiver will know immediately if your request is a high priority. No more waiting for other less important requests to be filled when the patient must immediately go to the bathroom.
  3. Even if the patient is unable to speak because of intubation, surgery or lack of understanding the caregiver's language, the patient will still be able to communicate in their native language and have it translated in to the caregiver's language.

Advantage to the Caregivers

  1. A clear concise communication from the patient irrespective of the patient's language or ability to speak.
  2. Most often a reduction of one round trip to the patient's room to fill the patient's need.
  3. The ability to triage incoming requests and visual see those that are important.
  4. A record of all the patient's requests